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Why Impact?

Why does YOUR company need a web site?

Hi, I'm Walter Tersch, founder of Impact Web Design & Graphics, a small digital studio based in Chicago, Illinois.

The reasons your company needs a web site are practically infinite. However, the most important reason to a small business owner is that having a web site can save your company hundreds of advertising dollars.

Usually, to reach a large number of customers, the only ways to advertise are either through a newspaper or phone book ad, TV commercial, or mass mailing. But all of these methods will only work for a short time before you have to pay again. They're expensive, too. And none of these ways will give you much space or time to tell potential customers everything you would like to tell them.

A well-designed web site from Impact can work with the advertising you already use, and make it more effective. For example, all you need is a small, low-cost advertisement in the newspaper that includes the address to your company web site. This way, interested customers can get more information about your company any time, from their own home. And you have practically unlimited space to tell and show them everything and anything you want. Your web site can include reasons customers should choose your company, a map to your locations, pictures of your products, an up-to-date rate schedule... The possibilities are endless! A web site is like your advertisement running 24/7, worldwide.

Every major corporation already has a web site.

Do they know something you don't? Business owners worldwide are realizing the advertising value of the web, and benefiting from it. Don't get left behind. Having a quality web site means more than making your company seem 'high tech'. It is a genuine advertising value that will expand your market and help customers find you. What are you waiting for?

But isn't it expensive and complicated to have a web site?

Web site design can be very affordable, and easy for you... if you choose the right web designer! Feel free to waste your time searching for a lower-cost web designer who's as qualified as myself. You'll just come back and choose Impact... No one else out there can offer you the caring, personal service and caliber of web site that I can, for anywhere near the price. Just compare my rates with the competition's.

Another myth is that it's complicated to have a web site. This is not true. Many of my clients have very little computer know-how. That's not a problem. You don't need to know a thing about HTML, JPG, FTP, GIF, JAVA, PNG, CGI, or even E-Mail to have an effective web site. You can just provide the text, pictures, and any other information, and I'll take care of the rest. Practically no work is required on your behalf, although client input is always important.

At Impact Web Design, we mean BUSINESS.

I have a personal understanding of the needs of small businesses, owning one myself, and working with small businesses on a daily basis. I realize how important it is for advertising to be cost effective. And a web site is cost effective. Use it with your regular advertising and you will really save money while informing more potential clients. In addition, a web site is basically a 'one-time' investment that keeps working. After it is designed, you have no more monthy dues to myself.

I do more than build your company a great site. I help you maximize the benefits from it.

I specialize in small business sites. Furthermore, I like to build sites for companies that usually do most of their advertising in the phone book. Companies like this can benefit the most from a web site, due to the high price of phone book advertisements, although other companies obviously benefit as well. My specialization allows me to offer you a level of service and understanding that you won't get with a more general or less experienced web designer.

I am experienced. I have been building web sites since early 1997, and have worked on over a dozen different web projects, gaining new knowledge from each site I've built. Moreover, I know what is important in a small business site. I know that having a quick-loading, informative, user friendly, and effective web site is more important to you than having a complex, showy, and impractical site with Java programs or huge, slow graphics. At Impact Web Design, we know how to make effective business web sites, and do it for less.

Please feel free to continue looking around the Impact site, or contact me about a web site. I'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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