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Here is an 'inside look' at how the process of business web site creation from Impact Web Design typically works.

Web Site Creation Process

  • Usually, a potential client will send me [Walter Tersch] a brief e-mail with their name and their company's name, what kind of company it is, and that I should contact them about a web site. The client often doesn't know much besides that a web site would help their business. Most of my clients have also looked around, searching for a good web designer before they eventually find and choose Impact.
  • I help most clients figure out what they would like to have on their site, and how things will be arranged. Most will look at other web sites to get ideas, and tell me their ideas through e-mail or over the phone.
  • If the client's business is located in Chicagoland, I will drive to their business to discuss the web site plans and pick up materials, like rate sheets, brochures, photos, documents with the company logo on them, etc. I also usually sketch out what the site will look like, and revise the general layout and color scheme based on the client's input. This procedure saves revisions later in the design process.
  • If the client is located elsewhere in the USA (or world, for that matter), they simply mail me whatever materials they would like on their web site, along with their deposit check. We also discuss site appearance via e-mail, and I answer any questions they may have.
  • A standard $100 deposit is due before I can start on actual construction of the web site. This amount is subtracted from the final cost. More details on pricing and rates are, coincidentally enough, on my Rates page.
  • Within a few days of receiving the web site materials (pictures, text, etc.) from the client, I use the materials, along with the input about the appearance of the site which I received from the client to put together a web site framework and "rough draft". Typically, this looks very similar to what the final web site will look like.
  • The client lets me know what they would like changed. Usually, the changes consist of modifying the color scheme, adding or deleting a graphic, or revising the wording of some text. My clients are typically overall satisfied with the initial site I design for them, and major changes to the original site are almost never needed. (A way they can show me what they would like changed is by printing out the pages of their company's web site, and writing on the printout what should be corrected.)
  • When I've finished making all necessary revisions to the site, and added all information that the client wanted, I tell them how domain name and hosting is set up, and they provide me with a check made out to the hosting company, which I use to set up their new domain name and hosting package. This step is necessary for the new site to be visible at an easy address like www.yourcompany.com.
  • When everything is complete and set up, and the client is fully satisfied with their new business web site, it is time for my final payment. This amount is usually my original quote, minus $100, assuming that the client submitted a $100 deposit. (The final cost may vary slightly from the original quote, depending on if additional web site features were implemented which were not initially discussed, and therefore not covered by the original quote.)
  • After the web site is completed, I will still be happy to update textual content and make other MINOR revisions to your web site for six months after the site's completion.

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