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Good things my clients have to say about Impact Web Design:

  • "I will absolutely recomend you to ANYONE interested in creating a web site!" 2
  • "I truly enjoyed working with you, you made it so easy & comfortable & that is how I know that you will succeed!" 2
  • "You are patient, honest, intelligient & understanding, all the right qualities!" 2
  • "Walter, I wanted to tell you how many responses I have had from the web site and how good many said it looked." 1
  • "It looks so super!! Everyone is thrilled here with your work & how the site turned out!!" 2
  • "I appreciate your honesty with me." 2
  • "I think we worked well together!! ...We are both happy with the results!! We actually made a good team!!" 2
  • "I am really pleased! We are already getting calls!!" 2
  • "The site looks great! My main purpose was to have it look classy & it is turning out that way!" 2
  • "Good work on the site." 1
  • "I like the job that you are doing so far." 3
  • "I truly appreciate your promptness." 2
  • "Super job!" 2
  • "The site looks great!" 1
  • "Guess what?? We are already getting reservations from the site!! Also getting compliments!! Great work!!"2
  • "You are the expert." 2
  • "Thanks again Walter for an eye catching web site and I'll send more business your way as I encounter interest." 1
  • "I will miss the fun of working with you!" 2
  • "I want to thank you for an excellent site and the patience you have had with me." 1

These quotes are from e-mails written to me by clients, and all the above statements were made completely voluntarily.

1 = The Sand Dunes Motel
2 =
Admiral's Quarters Motel
3 = Trading Dynamics, Inc.

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