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I have worked on over dozen web projects, and I am highly experienced when it comes to building attractive and effective web sites.

These are web sites that I've built for companies and individuals as part of my small company, Impact Web Design. Please feel free to check out "the workmanship" and see how typical sites I build look and feel. These sites are basically listed with the more recent ones on top.

Portfolio of My Clients

GraceAnn Handcrafted Jewelry. A summer 2000 project, I set up a site with dozens of photos of different types of bridesmaids' jewelry for this Chicago-area business. Digital photography was done at client's location, and photos were incorporated into a price list of the most commont types of jewelry ordered for weddings.

The Gulf Breeze Mobile Home Park. The Gulf Breeze Park is a mobile home park for seniors located near Clearwater, Florida. The site includes photos of the area, maps, and photos of mobiles homes for sale or rent.

The Sand Dunes Motel. Perhaps my finest work. The Sand Dunes is an oceanfront motel in Kure Beach, North Carolina. This site includes area information, photos of the rooms and surroundings, contact information, and a table of the rates.

See also BeachFrontVacationsInc.com.

Admiral's Quarters. This is another motel located in North Carolina, just south of Wilmington. Its owners had heard good things about me from the owner of the Sand Dunes Motel, and contacted me about a web site for their business as well. This site also includes photos of the rooms, buildings, etc., as well as a rate chart and information about local attractions.

Trading Dynamics, Inc. The president of this nationwide computerized day trading company contacted me about revising and improving the appearance of his company's site. The site utilizes javascript "rollovers" and animation. This site is not visible online due to lack of payment from the client.

The Greater Rockwell Organization. GRO is a local community improvement group on Chicago's North side. GRO makes efforts to keep my Chicago neighborhood clean, safe, and gang-free. It is currently under construction, but when complete, their site will include past issues of the newsletter, joining information, and other relevant info.

The TERSCH.com Project. This is actually a personal project of mine... It's a huge collection of free photos, digital camera information, essays, schoolwork, projects, MIDI music, desktop pictures, information about Chicago, and much, much more. It's is still extremely incomplete and is about 10% to 15% complete. (It's a work in progress, and will remain so for a long time, since my clients' sites are obviously the top priority.)

Sheet Metal Werks, Inc. This company manufactures sheet metal ductwork, etc., for nationwide clients. Their site is a good example of the typical type of work I do. It includes numerous scanned photos, and a clean, non-disruptive, yet attractive appearance.

Perfect Temperature Control, Inc. I created an attractive, effective web site for this heating and air conditioning company. The site has a clean, user-friendly look and includes maps on how to get to their building, a few scanned photos, a discount coupon, and more.

Resch Fest '98. A large family (relatives of mine) were having a family reunion, and wanted to have t-shirts for everyone there, which celebrated the event. They drew a simple 'logo' to have on the shirts, and asked me to add various text, change the size and color of different objects in their drawing, etc. I then printed out the new image on transfers for t-shirts.

Robert "Coach" Kehoe. Coach Kehoe, who taught computer literacy and programming at Gordon Tech High School, wanted a professional web site to promote his business as an independent distributor of the Flashnet internet service provider, as well as his computer consulting business, Custom Computer Consulting. His site incorporates many custom graphics, invisible tables, and two simple forms.

Lorans Saleh, an independent distributor of the Flashnet internet service provider and D.J. Lorans needed a quality and affordable web site to promote his Flashnet business and his DJ service, and had heard good things about my web page skills from a previous client of mine. I created an attractive three page site incorporating a small form, numerous custom graphics, and background music on his page for his DJ service.

The Business/Industrial Technology department's pages for Gordon Tech's web site. I used an effective and very simple design, utilizing frames, to create this section of the site.

Gordon Tech High School's Foreign Language department's pages. I used a clean and simple design, utilizing frames, to create this department. I also created the animated 3D text visitors first saw upon going to the Gordon Tech High School web site, although it is no longer present.

Although very disorganized and amateurish, my personal page has personal information, links to various sites, midi music, and some nice examples of special effects I can do on photos. It also uses frames and an image map... and a lot of pointless, flashy things in general. This was my first project, back in early 1997. (It has changed very, very little since then!)

Impact Web Design web site. Obviously, I created the site you're at right now. I incorporated a form, invisible tables, an image map, and a few custom title and background graphics. Overall, my goal was to make an attractive site that would be simple and load quickly, while still looking somewhat cutting edge. I implemented small javascripts on the links to different parts of the company site, so when your move the mouse over them, you see a short description of the page the link goes to, not the address of that page. This site was totally redesigned in late February 1999, to keep up with the growth and improvement of my company. (The old site was not put together as well, and didn't accurately reflect the kind of work I really do at Impact.)

Your company can have an attractive and effective web site, too! Just contact me, Walter Tersch, for a free quote. I'll be happy to answer all your questions about web sites.

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