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Impact Web Design's business partners:

I have worked personally with Will for a few years now. Mr. Clements is an expert at computer consulting, and generally cognizant of everything that could go wrong with computers, and how to fix the problem. When my clients have computer problems or need computer-related advice, I always refer them to Will. (I am also very good with computers, but am more Macintosh-based. He knows all about Windows and Intel hardware problems.) If you are in the Chicagoland area and need computer consulting of practically any kind, Will is definitely your best choice. He also is an expert at putting together MacroMedia Director "slide" presentations.

We're business partners because we both do similar work (and are each among the best in our fields), only have different specialties. He refers web design clients to me, and I refer individuals and companies in need of computer help and digital presentations to him. Feel free to check out his web site and contact him if you need computer help or a presentation.

  • Ian W. Douglas

Ian is Impact Web Design & Graphics' new CGI programming specialist. Whenever a client needs an online form, shopping system, automated image rotator, password-only area, or other more complex web technology, I outsource Ian's skills. He has years of web programming experience, and also does web design himself, as part of his Ontario-based web design company.

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