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Beachfront Vacations Inc. manages three motels in North Carolina.

This site was small and relatively simple, but included a brief "beachfront" sound on the Welcome page to emphasize the site's beach theme.

The sound of seagulls and oceanwaves was extracted from audio CD, compressed as a standard WAV file, and set to play in all major browsers.

Sytek Audio Systems, Inc. manufactures professional mult-channel microphone pre-amplifiers used by recording studios and radio stations.

This site is a good example of my graphic design skills; the Sytek site has a clean and modern look.

The link at right shows the graphic interface only; further development of the site's content is on hiatus until product datas files and other content is gathered by the client.

South Wind Motel is a beachfront motel in Kure Beach, North Carolina, in the Cape Fear / Wilmington area.

This simple site includes a table of room rates as well as photos, vacation information, and contact numbers. I did a few similar sites for other motels in the area.

Family Service of Lake County provides social services to lower-income families in the Highwood and Highland Park suburbs just North of Chicago through resources such as the Nuestro Center.

This site framework is one of my voluntary projects for nonprofit organizations. Its notable feature is that it uses a glowing theme created in Flash for its' navigation buttons, and introduces FS's mission statement with Flash as well.

I also prepared a memo to the management explaining the web design process.

The project was created in February 1999 as a way to show off photos I had taken and term papers I had written. It also included information about digital cameras and resources for Mac users.

The site is technically simple other than some interface graphics that were a lot of fun to create in Photoshop.

DJ Express is a professional DJ who was interested in a web presence to spread word of his turntable skills.

This was my first paying web design project. It involved some creative graphic design and also included MIDI background music.

Impact Web Design & Graphics is my own small company. It was through Impact that I learned about developing sites for commercial clients and developed my web and graphic design skills.

The Impact site is information-driven and designed with an airy, reader-friendly layout.

Sheet Metal Werks fabricates metal used in heating, cooling, and ventilation ducts. I also developed a site for its' sister company, Perfect Temperature Control.

The site includes photos of the workshop, a list of prices, location map, and other company information.