This memo was prepared for the managers of a not-for-profit organization I did a site for.

It explains the basics of domain name registration and hosting setup, as well as e-mail system info and rough estimates of what the various services cost.

Technical Aspects of Basic Web Site Development
(Note: this is a Adobe PDF file.)

This 2,700 word monster explains the digital camera vs. film camera debate.

Some of the facts about digital cameras have changed since early 1999 but it is still a relevant article.

Pros and Cons of Digital Cameras vs. Film Cameras

I did quite a bit of research on Microsoft and tracked their monstrous sucess back to a few key business moves back in the early 1980's. This outline will be surprising to many fans or enemies of Microsoft.

How Microsoft Monopolized the Computer Industry Through Three Key Manoevers

Written for a multiculturalism class, this paper on the Taliban talks about their human right violations, violent history, and tendencies to mistreat women and punish criminals unjustly.

It was written in June 2001, and although parts are dry, it has a cautionary tone which seems foreboding in light of 9/11.

The Taliban in Afghanistan: Foreboding June 2001 Paper

I am a Mac fanatic, so a wrote a paper about Mac fanatics around the globe and the strong sense of commitment and community that they share.

Sociological Analysis of the Global Community of Apple Macintosh Users

This is just something I wrote during my Freshman year of college that demonstrates my vocabulary skills. To be honest, the whole paper was a bit of a joke.

A student's views on Myth, Ritual, and Magic